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agosto 2019
New project LIFE

LIFE (Living in a Fringe Environment) is a 5-year project funded by the ERC CoGrant 681673, directed by Corinna Rossi. Host Institution is the Politecnico di Milano, Partner Institution is the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II. The interdisciplinary research team is based at the Department ABC (Milano) and at the MUSA – Musei delle Scienze Agrarie (Portici). The project started in September 2016.

The general scope of LIFE is to offer a complete set of archaeological and environmental data to be used to investigate Late Roman settlements along frontier desert areas and to reconstruct the underlying strategy to control the empire’s desert edges. The specific case study is the Late Roman archaeological site of Umm al-Dabadib, located at the outskirts of the the Kharga Oasis (Egypt’s Western Desert), that in the Fourth Century AD represented a portion of the southern boundary of the empire.


06 The Fortified Settlement seen from South West