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23 luglio 2019
Bridging historical landscape ecology and land management: the geo-historical background of fire risk in Spain

Beginning its journey in 2019 and covering t he years 800-2000 AD, the Naples Time Machine (NTM) pushes the boundaries of science and technology to build a model of this historical city’s past. Naples Time Machine is part of Time Machine European project. Download the manifesto of TMProject.

The workshop is organized by Prof. Antonella Ambrosio and Dr. Antonello Migliozzi www.coop-unina.org/naples-time-machine. It aims to bridge the gap between landscape ecology and history. In this regard, Prof. Cristina Montiel (specialist in historical geography and study of landscape dynamics in rural areas) from the Complutense University of Madrid, was invited to give a presentation on the acquisition and analysis, from archive sources, of data on wildfires and their repercussion on local dynamics over the course of six centuries in the Spanish Central Mountain Range.


Workshop Time Machine Cristina Montiel Molina